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Salient Features
Salient Features
  • The scheme is governed by Capital Development Authority (CDA) Zoning Regulations 1992. Provision of facilities is strictly in accordance with the latest CDA by-laws which are much higher as compared to the existing CDA sectors like F-10, F-11.
  • The land usage will not be more than 55% and the balance land would be utilized for civic amenities and open area to create a friendly environment becoming of a beautiful residential scheme. A main boulevard consisting of dual carriage-way joining the Islamabad Expressway will run through the scheme and feed the internal road network.
  • The planning, designing and development stages of the scheme will have  intimate supervision of the CDA to achieve highest possible standards. Adequate spaces for necessary educational institutions will be duly catered for CDA/PLW-RP-2(703)/96/234 dated 02/08/1997 and Master Plan has been approved by CDA vide letter No. CDA/PLW-RP-2(703)/96/855 dated 19/06/2001 Capital Development Authority (CDA).
  • The road network will have very large right of ways as specified by the CDA. The pavement design shall be carried out in accordance with "AASHO" Design Manual 1986. Minimum width of the pavement will be 20 feet. All roads will be carpeted and shall have street lights.
  • The master plan envisages Bulk Water Supply System Comprising  of battery of percolation/ tube wells, water treatment works and pumping stations. The water supply/distribution system will be in conformity with CDA by-laws catering for an average demand of 100 gallons/capita/day.
  • The scheme will have its network of Power Distribution as per design standards of WAPDA. Underground electrification system including HT/LT cables & distribution system will be running along Road/Street to each housing unit.
  • Sui Gas  would be made available in the scheme and its design will be governed by SNGPL.
  • Telephone facility will be available for each housing unit in the scheme in accordance with the standards followed by PTCL.
  • Special consideration has been given to the aspect of entertainment and cultural activities. Public Parks, Children Play Grounds, Picnic Spots,  Community Centers and Shopping Malls will be duly catered for in the planning. Due consideration has been given for healthy  and clean environment.
  • Large open spaces have specially been left for plantation for the creation of ecological balance and beautification. An underground sewage system and a treatment plant will provided to ensure healthy and clean living.
  • With a view to ensure availability of every necessity of life at the door step the plan also includes the following facilities for the modern and comfortable living.
  • Hospitals
  • Cafe
  • Community Centre
  • Shopping Area
  • Hotels
  • Book Shops
  • Library
  • Restaurants
  • Community Club

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